Hi! I am an applied machine learning researcher and engineer working primarily in the areas of deep learning, sequence and graph modeling, representation learning, and data mining. I am currently a Senior Research Scientist in the Central Applied Science team at Facebook Research. Prior to this, I also interned at Facebook Research, Adobe Research, and Xerox PARC.

From 2015-2019, I was a PhD student at WPI in the Computer Science Department — where I had the privilege of working under the supervision of Prof. Xiangnan Kong. Here is a copy of my updated CV.

Selected Publications

For a comprehensive list of publications, please refer to my CV or Google Scholar.

X. Dai, X. Kong, T. Guo, J.B. Lee, X. Liu, and C. Moore. Recurrent networks for guided multi-attention classification. In Proc. of KDD, 2020. acceptance rate: 16.8% [pdf]

R.A. Rossi, D. Jin, S. Kim, N.K. Ahmed, D. Koutra, and J.B. Lee. On proximity and structural role-based embeddings in networks: Misconceptions, techniques, and applications. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD) 14(5), 2020. [pdf]

J.B. Lee, X. Kong, C.M. Moore, and N.K. Ahmed. Deep parametric model for discovering group-cohesive functional brain regions. In Proc. of SDM, 2020. acceptance rate: 24.0% [pdf]

X. Dai, X. Kong, X. Liu, J.B. Lee, and C. Moore. Dual-attention recurrent networks for affine registration of neuroimaging data. In Proc. of SDM, 2020. acceptance rate: 24.0% [pdf]

J.B. Lee, R.A. Rossi, S. Kim, N.K. Ahmed, and E. Koh. Attention models in graphs: A survey. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD) 13(6), 2019. [pdf]

J.B. Lee, R.A. Rossi, X. Kong, S. Kim, E. Koh, and A. Rao. Graph convolutional networks with motif-based attention. In Proc. of CIKM, 2019. acceptance rate: 19.4% [pdf]

J.B. Lee, R.A. Rossi, and X. Kong. Graph classification using structural attention. In Proc. of KDD, 2018. acceptance rate: 10.9% [pdf]

G.H. Nguyen, J.B. Lee, R.A. Rossi, N.K. Ahmed, E. Koh, and S. Kim. Dynamic network embeddings: From random walks to temporal random walks. In Proc. of BigData, 2018. workshop paper @ WWW [pdf]

G.H. Nguyen, J.B. Lee, R.A. Rossi, N.K. Ahmed, E. Koh, and S. Kim. Continuous-time dynamic network embeddings. In Companion Proc. of WWW, 2018.

J.B. Lee, X. Kong, Y. Bao, and C. Moore. Identifying deep contrasting networks from time series data: Application to brain network analysis. In Proc. of SDM, 2017. acceptance rate: 25.9% [pdf]

J.B. Lee, A. Ihara, A. Monden, and K. Matsumoto. Patch reviewer recommendation in OSS projects. In Proc. of APSEC, 2013. best presentation award [pdf]

J.B. Lee and H. Adorna. Link prediction in a modified heterogeneous bibliographic network. In Proc. of ASONAM, 2012. acceptance rate: 16.2% [pdf]

J.B. Lee, G. Cabunducan, R. Castillo, F.G. Cabarle, and J.A. Malinao. Uncovering the social dynamics of online elections. Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS) 18(4), 2012. [pdf]

G. Cabunducan, R. Castillo, and J.B. Lee. Voting behavior analysis in the election of Wikipedia admins. In Proc. of ASONAM, 2011. best poster paper award [pdf, poster]


If you wish to get in touch, please drop me a line at jtlee ‘at’ wpi ‘dot’ edu.